How to Care for and Maintain Exterior Stucco

stucco maintenance

Stucco is a convenient fine plaster for homeowners. It is durable and easy to maintain. It gives a nice architectural decoration for your home. If you apply stucco properly, it can last up to 50 years. Maintenance is the key to long-lasting stucco. Although stucco is easy to maintain and affordable, it is still important to tend to it on a regular basis. If stucco is not maintained, it can look worn out and will cost you more money to repair the exterior. Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining exterior stucco:

Keep the Stucco Clean

Stucco can become dirty, easily, just like any exterior. Dirt can build up because of the outdoor elements, which can cause your home to look filthy. Stucco absorbs stains because of the porous material. Therefore it needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Using a power washer or garden hose can give the stucco a new and clean look. The best way to clean your stucco is to mist the exterior with water first to loosen up the dirt. 

After you mist the exterior, spray the garden hose or power washer with more pressure to allow the dirt to go on the ground. Cleaning the stucco will keep the exterior in good condition.

Take Care of the Repairs

One of the most important ways to care and maintain the exterior stucco is to fix any holes, cracks, or chips before it gets worse. When damages are not taken care of, it can affect the strength of the stucco material. Cracks, chips, and holes can also give an opportunity for pests to come into your home. If you notice a chip or crack in your stucco, repair it right away to prevent any further damage. If it is a minor crack, you can repair it yourself. A contractor may be needed if the damage is bigger. 

Seal the Stucco Regularly

When stucco is added to a home, it should always be sealed.  The stucco needs to be protected from any moisture. Usually, a clear concrete sealer is added to the stucco and stops moisture from getting inside the home. Although the clear concrete sealer is effective, it is important to seal the stucco every five years for protection.

Taking care of and maintaining the exterior stucco will help the stucco last for many years to come. These tips will have your house looking well-kept and protected from outside intrusions. Stucco is a wonderful exterior material and does not require a lot of maintenance. When you take care of any repairs, you will enjoy the appearance of your home.

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